CHERIFER is a unique line of multivitamins that contain Lysine, Taurine, and Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF). These provide weight-promoting and cell-nourishing nutrients, as well as maximize your child’s growth potential. CHLORELLA is an edible single-celled fresh water alga which contains vitamins, minerals and high levels of protein and chlorophyll and nucleotide complex known as CHLORELLA GROWTH FACTOR (CGF). CHLORELLA GROWTH FACTOR (CGF) is a complex chemical substance from Chlorella extract which is composed of nucleotide-peptide complex and promotes rapid growth. When combined with other nutrients in the body, the nucleotide component of CHLORELLA GROWTH FACTOR (CGF) provides “building blocks” for the repair and production of the body’s own DNA and RNA. It also serves as raw material for protein synthesis. Protein synthesis is responsible for the production of structural proteins and enzymes that are essential for growth and development plus other metabolic processes to maintain good health and growth. Cherifer Drops = From infants to toddlers aged 0-2yo. Cherifer Forte and Cherifer Forte with ZINC = is best taken by children aged 2 to 6 years old to bridge the growth gap years. Cherifer Syrup and Cherifer Syrup with Zinc = for kids aged 7 to 12 years old Cherifer PGM and Cherifer PGM with Zinc = for 10 to 22 years old A person could only reach a certain maximum height by genetics and the Chlorella Growth Factor found in Cherifer helps in optimizing a child’s growth potential. However, such potential can be only achieved if consumption of Cherifer is accompanied with proper nutrition, sufficient rest, regular exercise, and good sleeping patterns. The early school years are a period of relatively steady growth ending in a preadolescent growth spurt by about the age of 10 in girls and about 12 in boys. While it is true that the usual peak of growth is 12-15 years old, there’s additional linear growth achieved after middle adolescence. The long bones of the body such as femur and humerus still have the chance to grow up to the early 20s that can be maximized by taking Cherifer PGM. Just like other B vitamins, riboflavin can help the body convert food (carbohydrates) into fuel (glucose), and produces energy for the body’s use. It also aids in metabolizing fats and protein and is responsible as well for healthy skin, hair, eyes, liver, and proper function of the nervous system. Mild and moderate Zinc deficiency is prevalent in developing countries. Zinc deficiency restricts childhood growth and decreases resistance to infections. It also helps in reducing sickness associated with diarrhea and lower respiratory infection. One way to tell if a child is Zinc-Deficient is to make them consume Zinc. If it tastes like metal, this is a sign that they are Zinc-deficient. If your child has Zinc deficiency, Cherifer with Zinc may taste metallic at first but should taste better after 3 to 5 days of product consumption. The improvement in taste also comes with an increase in the child’s appetite.